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What is VPS hosting?

VPSs offer a flexible and high-performance solution for your heavy resource-requiring sites and apps. You will take advantage of a stable and thoroughly independent server environment and your VPSs will work exactly like a stand-alone server.

You can reboot your virtual private web server whenever you wish and, with complete root-level access to the machine at hand, you can activate any software you wish. With any of 's VPS hosting packages, you can manage IPs, memory, processes, applications, libraries and config files autonomously of the other VPS hosting users on the same machine.

KVM and OpenVZ-Powered VPS Services

's brand new range of KVM and OpenVZ-based VPS solutions combines stability and dependability with an affordable price. Both virtualization technologies ensure better resource utilization and a non-conflict environment for your applications.

With the reasonably priced VPSs offered by , you have a guaranteed amount of CPU and RAM resources. also guarantees five to ten times faster backups. Solid-state drives will guarantee faster speeds for your websites and apps, irrespective of how loaded the physical machine itself is. The Memcached distributed memory object caching system and the Varnish Cache web application accelerator will increase the loading speed of your site even more.